Development, Production and Complete Provision of Protective Equipment.

Manufacturer of ballistic protection

Our products have a high ability to stop bullets and repeated hits, strikes or stabs. For over 32 years we have been actively developing and manufacturing ballistic products that are user proven and fully certified. Bulletproof vests, hard armor, plate carriers and more. We supply our products to government forces and private sector worldwide. We are co-founders of PETRIS Solnice s.r.o. and a direct continuation of quality.

Quality of material and design

We combine the unique properties of aramid and polyethylene materials to reach low weight and high level of protection for demanding users in combat situations. Thanks to our family legacy of weaving, we have a unique approach to development that leads to perfect wearing comfort and, at the same time, high resistance in extreme conditions. We offer the possibility of customizing the catalogue products offered to suit your specific requirements.

Complete protection

Our products have been specifically designed and adjusted for your performance when you are on duty. Compatibility of the full protection and the wearing comfort over several hours of use are a natural thing. To protect you in extreme situation, we offer the EOD suit (bomb suit), while the riot suits are designed to protect you during demonstrations. For your four-legged friends, we have designed the bulletproof and riot dog vestTactical vests, MOLLE holsters a pouches and overalls and transport bags are naturally a part of our product range. 

Our great advantage is our testing beyond the scope of the prescribed standards to make sure that all our bulletproof products equipped with the advanced soft bulletproof insert and/or the hard bulletproof plates, both of our manufacture, show high performance in a real-world environment. This also includes top wearing comfort which our Design Department is mindful of. Premium options may result from high modularity and our flexibility in dealing with modifications or creation of new pattern solutions.

Both our manufacturing workshops and sewing workshops are equipped with top-quality technical background, and manual approach and automated mode are combined in perfect balance during the sewing process itself. Our seamstresses represent a part of our nation's treasure and we are lucky to have some of them with us for more than two decades. It then goes without saying that we use the most resistant, high-strength materials and other state-of-the-art materials.

We still keep the entire manufacturing process in the Czech Republic and it can be said that you get from us the world-class quality that is homemade. Historically, no less than top quality has been expected from the products of our country. You may encounter our products from the Far East countries over the exotic Africa up to the territories stretching under Machu Picchu.


  • pohodlnost a kompatibilita
  • rychlé oblékání a nastavení
  • rychlá a snadná manipulace i v rukavicích
  • přesné upevnění na tělo
  • pro používání náročnými uživateli
  • výborná odolnost v extrémních podmínkách
  • upevnění nápisů (ID znaků)
  • plně certifikované
  • uživatelsky prověřené
  • vyvíjení ve spolupráci s uživateli
  • kompletní vybavení
  • opakující se státní zakázky, odběratelé


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The entire plant complex, including the development and production process, is located in one area.


  • 100% Czech manufacturer with family tradition
  • From the initial assignment, through the provision of materials, to the final product
  • State-of-the-art, certified materials of the highest quality
  • All products are certified by accredited state testing laboratories
  • Modern technological facilities
  • Superior services / VIP development
  • Extensive portfolio



Your next project with us

Thanks to the breadth of our portfolio of cut solutions, coupled with our innovative ballistic inserts, we offer dozens of combinations and an unrivalled range of solutions to cover the needs of all projects from the private sector, to police forces, to the most demanding military operations

For unique requirements we have a solution. VIP DEVELOPMENT