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GARED s.r.o. is genuinely a Czech company, which continues in a twenty-three year tradition in the market providers of ballistic and anti riot products not only in domestic, but also in foreign markets and continues in introduced cooperation with all distribution channels, suppliers and long term subscribers.

The main objective of our company is to offer effective services in the field of development and manufacturing in first-class products. We are striving to enhance the comfort of the lives of our customers by innovating our products, that provide the highest protection and comfort.

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We emphasise on safety and easy manipulation, with all standards being met, including customers requirements and needs. We are able to implement the development of the products under the customers wishes from the initial task to securing suitable materials up to the final product.

We always try to deliver qualified work with individual approach towards every client for example, the alternation in offered products in our catalogs due to specific requirements, terms and conditions. Our customers always receive our best care, with a reasonable price offer with conserving the quality and the effectiveness of our services. We certainly provide our customers with a service, testing, warranty and post warranty repairs.

We prefer manufacturing with modern materials supplied only from EU countries, which are proven and certified. As a result, our products guarantee high quality and excellent custom properties.

We observe the most modern trends in the development of ballistic and anti riot products. Our goal is to use the most advanced technologies during the production of ballistic materials reputed by companies such as Kevlar, Dyneema, Twaron, Spectra, Endumax and others. Individual materials present quality in the property of our company products. We test our products under international standarts such as the American standart NIJ STD 0101.04 and 0101.06, Technical conditions of Federal republic of Germany AK II and Czech norm ESN 39 5360, and verified quality we illustrate by resulting tests.

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