Reclamation procedure

I. General Provisions

Complaints Procedure governs the procedure buyer and GARED Company Ltd., as seller, in a situation where, despite the best efforts of our society by maintaining a high standard of quality goods sold give the buyer a legitimate reason to exercise rights from liability for defects on the goods sold. The Complaints Procedure has been prepared in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 89/2012 Coll., The Civil Code and the Act no. 634/1992 Coll., On Consumer Protection, as amended, and applies to goods for which the warranty period is exercised rights buyer from liability for defects and quality guarantee.

The seller is a company GARED Ltd., headquartered Cooperative 278, 517 01 Solnice, ID 288 19 446, registered in the Commercial Register of the Regional Court in Hradec Kralove, Section C, insert 29329th GARED Ltd. is a person who at the conclusion of the contract and acting within their business or other activities. The buyer is everyone outside his business or outside the independent exercise of their profession enters into a contract with the company GARED Ltd. or it is otherwise.

II. Liability for defective goods and quality guarantee

GARED Ltd. Purchaser is responsible for defective goods under the provisions of the Civil Code on liability for defects. GARED Ltd. It provides a guarantee for the quality of goods to the extent specified in the contract or in the warranty card to the goods. If the warranty card is not attached, GARED Ltd. provides a guarantee, that the goods are eligible to be used for that or otherwise usual purpose, it will have and retain specified otherwise usual properties, using impeccable materials, technically flawless execution and compliance with design standards in terms of size, performance and other featured properties.

The guarantee does not apply to:

  • mechanical damage caused by the user or by damage to the affected components or parts of goods
  • damage and defects caused by neglect, failure to comply with the obligations set out directions for use and the guarantee certificate (if supplied), and safety instructions, improper use, operating errors or tampering,
  • defects caused due to storage in an unsuitable environment,
  • defects due to which the reduced cost of goods, if no other agreement
  • modifications and interventions into goods that are not made by GARED,
  • defects caused by using non-original parts,
  • resulting wear during normal use or damage caused by rough handling.

III. Warranty period

The warranty period provided by GARED Ltd. goods shall be 24 months. The warranty period begins on the date of sale of goods. The warranty period is extended by the period during which the goods were in warranty repair.

IV. To redeem the rights for defects (complaints)

The buyer is entitled to assert the rights of the defective goods at the Seller in GARED Ltd. Buyer rights of defective performance applied without undue delay after discovering that the goods are faulty. When exercising the rights of defective performance, the buyer is obliged to identify the defect and prove the date of sale of goods. GARED Ltd. must give the buyer a written acknowledgment, stating the date and place of exercising the rights of defective goods, the characteristics of the alleged defect, the buyer desired method of claim handling and how the buyer will be informed about its execution.

GARED Ltd. decide on the complaint immediately, in complicated cases within seven working days. Claims, including the removal of defects must be settled without undue delay, within 30 days of its application, unless the buyer agrees to a longer period. GARED Ltd. after proper settlement of the complaint will prompt the buyer to take over the claimed goods.

V. The method of claim settlement

A. Removable defects

  • As removable defects are such defects that can be repaired to remove without compromising the look, function and quality of goods. In the case of removable defects the buyer has the right to be free, timely and properly removed.

B. Unrecoverable defects of the Packed occurrence of defects after repair, a greater number of defects

  • For removable defect is such a defect that can not be removed or its removal is not purposeful taking into account all relevant circumstances. In the event of an uncorrectable defect, a large number of defects (at least 3 defects) or re-occurrence of defects after repair (at least the third occurrence of defects), the buyer has the right to require the exchange of goods for new flawless or withdraw from the contract.

VI. Final Provisions

Issues that the complaint procedure shall be governed by the provisions of Law no. 89/2012 Coll., The Civil Code and the Act no. 634/1992 Coll., On consumer protection, as amended. This Complaints Procedure comes into force on 1 January 2016.