How to choose panel / plate

Jak vybrat balistický plát / panel

We offer ballistic panels / plates for sale alone or in combination with our products: ballistic vests, plate carriers, anti-riot sets or pyrotechnic suits.
Compatible panels/plates are listed for each product.


Basic classification of ballistic panels

ICW IConjunction With

ICW add-on panels must always be combined with an IIIA soft ballistic insert - we recommend always combining with our inovative ballistic inserts  certified by an accredited testing room.


STA Stand Alone 

STA self-supporting panels do not need to have a soft ballistic liner underneath.


Resistances according to standards

We produce ballistic panels/plates in levels according to the following:

Levels according to NIJ STD 0101.04:

  • III
  • IV

Expansion levels according to GARED manufacturer:

  • III+
  • III++

Levels according to ČSN 39 5360:

  • 5 CZ

Panel dimensions and positioning

Dimensions are given as: width x height

  • Front (chest)
    • 250 x 300
  • Rear ( back)
    • 250 x 300
  • Side
    • 150 x 200
  • Groin
    • 250 x 300
  • Neck
    • atypical
  • Abdominal
    • 250 x 100

Balistické štíty



In the basic version we produce panels in a simple curvature.

For series production we offer the option of double curvature.


Surface modifications

The basic surface modification is a coating made of Cordura®. polyamide fabric.

At the customer's request, we offer an advanced spray LINE-X® coating instead of Cordura fabric, which makes the panel fully waterproof and increases resistance to external influences. The weight of the panel can increase by 5% to 25% with the spraying depending on the circumstances



Why are we loyal to ceramics?

Apart from the fact that steel panels have a not inconsiderably higher weight, the biggest threat appears to be secondary (reflected) projectiles, which endanger not only the user but also his immediate surroundings. 

Ceramic-composite panels are not only characterised by their low weight, but the projectile does not bounce off the ceramic, instead it shatters and absorbs the energy.