Ballistic shield - Viking

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Balistický štít - Viking


This ballistic shield has specific cutouts that allow the user to shoot from long and short weapons, including shooting from the side of the shield. The edges of the shield are reinforced and the whole shield is covered with LINE-X material which improves impact and abrasion resistance. Dimensions: 600 x 400 mm. Accessories: transportation bag, strap/belt.

The ballistic shield is produced in resistance according to NIJ 0101.04

  • level III.: 7.62 x 5, 308 Win. FMJ
  • level III.G: 5.45 x 39 CP/FEJ; 7.62 x 39 CP/FEJ
  • level III.A: 9 x 19 FM; 44 Magnum


  • 5,7 kg (for ballistic level III.)
  • 8,8 kg (for ballistic level III.G)