Ballistic plates

As a Czech manufacturer of ballistic plates we have been operating on the market for over 30 years. We produce front, back, side, neck, abdomen and groin panels/plates compatible with bulletproof vests and carriers not only of our production. A wide range of ballistic panels are offered in ICW resistance for use with ballistic inserts and we also offer STA (Stand Alone) panels. We have certified polyethylene plates, which are characterized by low weight and ceramic-composite panels/plates with excellent ballistic resistance, the proof of quality is the long-standing cooperation with police and military forces not only in the Czech Republic. The customer can choose the surface materials of the plates such as Cordura or Armox spray. These ballistic plates are tested in international certified testing laboratories according to NIJ STD 0101.04., NIJ STD 0101.06, STANAG 2920, as well as according to the Czech standard ČSN EN 395360.