MT 213/2 CL 2 Gas mask

Item code: MT 213-2


Nadpis MT 213/CL 2 GAS MASK in accordance with the EN-136: 1998 standard, after completing with a purifying component, i.e. gas filter, particle filter or combined filter conforming to EN 14387: 2004 standard, equipped with a standard Rd 40x1/7" threaded connection conforming to EN-148-1: 2008, is used to protect the respiratory system, face, eyes and skin against dust, smoke,fogs, aerosols and gases. The construction of the MT213/2 CL2 gas mask provides protective, operational as well as physiological and hygienic properties in the temperature range from 30° C to +70 C°. The mask, apart from its protective properties, is equipped with a voice emitter enabling communication during work or evacuation. The mask is manufactured in four sizes, ensuring a tight fit around the user’s face.


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MT 213/2 CL 2 Gas mask

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