Plate carrier

Item code: GN 7

The construction of this plate carrier enables precise fixation on the body in the shoulders and hips with Velcro fasteners. The vest is equipped with pockets for ballistic hard plates or soft inserts in the front and at the back. GN 7 with front and rear MOLLE attachment allows different pouches and holders to be attached according the user's needs. In the front and rear upper pocket part, there is a Velcro for the inscription label. It is produced it two versions, namely the "winter: and the "summer" ones. The winter version is provided with a strapping binding across the surface. The summer version is without strapping with ventilation holes.

Protection Level:

Level III.A – soft ballistic insert
in combination with hard ballistic plate ICW can reach up to level IV. according to NIJ STD 0101.04
Stand Alone level IV. according to NIJ STD 0101.04

Ballistic Material:


Cover Material:

  • 100% polyester
  • 100% polyamide
  • Mixed materials
  • - dle výběru zákazníka

Color of Cover Material:

customer 's choice


one size fits all


The plate carrier can be equipped with ballistic belt. Molle pouches are chosen by the end user based on his needs.

Ballistic performance of soft and hard armour according to NIJ STD 0101.04

Class Subclass Bullet resistance Weight [g] Maximum velocity [m/s]
I 1 .22 LR LRN 2,6 329
2 380 ACP FMJ RN 6,2 322
II-A 1 9 mm FMJ* 8,0 341
2 40 S & W FMJ 11,7 322
II 1 9 mm FMJ RN 8,0 367
2 357 Mag JSP 10,2 436
III-A 1 9 mm FMJ RN 8,2 436
2 44 Mag SJHP 15,6 436
III 1 7.62 mm NATO FMJ 9,6 847
IV 1 30 kalibr M2 AP 10,8 878

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