Manufacturing cycle

GARED s.r.o. will prepare for you a complex processing of your project from the initial assignment through production to dispatch. You can choose from our wide range of sewing pattern solution, materials, additional equipment or we can prepare a completely new product according to your requirements.



1. Product selection

Product selection


a) From the catalogue:

  • Selection of a catalogue product.
  • Selection of a catalogue.
  • The product is ready for production. 


 b) Modification of the catalogue product:

  • Selection of the most suitable catalogue product.
  • Incorporation of customer requirements.
  • Submitting the product modification proposal.
  • Approval.
  • The product is ready for production.


 c) New product development:

  • According to the initial assignment, preparation of a sketch of the new product.
  • Approval.
  • Production and submission of the prototype.
  • Incorporation of necessary modifications and comments.
  • Selection of materials.
  • Preparation of a sample for approval.
  • Preparation of the pattern design, templates, technological procedure and workflow, including the establishment of control points. 
  • The product is ready for production. 

2. Manufacturing




  • It includes the preparation of all auxiliary materials such as Velcro, straps, springs to the appropriate measurements by cutting with a hot knife or cutting according to the type of material, etc.  



  • Positioning of parts on the material in the PC program.
  • Material yield control.
  • Semi-automatic laying of material.
  • Automatic cutting out.


  Product processing

  • Sewing process by individual operations according to the technological and working procedure.
  • Control processes by measuring and weighing. 

3.  Inspection and assembly

  • Inspection of individual parts of the product.
  • Assembling the product.
  • Identification and output control of complete

4. Packaging

  • Packaging according to customer specification

5. Dispatch