Other materials

Nomex® by DuPont

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Nomex® - unrivalled heat and flame resistance. Nomex® is a meta-aramid fibre with strong resistance to high temperatures. The production of Nomex® fibres was developed in the early 1960s and launched in 1967 by the American company DuPont. With a similar tensile strength to polyamide fibres, Nomex® starts to decompose at 370 °C and chars at 400 °C.



Teijinconex® by Teijin Limited


Teijin's meta-aramid fiber Teijinconex® has both flame-retardancy and comfort. With a heat-resistance of over 400℃, Teijinconex®'s outstanding flame-proof properties prevent the fabric from melting, holing and sticking to the skin. Teijinconex® also has higher tenacity in comparison to other flame-retardant materials and it enables thinner fabric realizing lighter work clothing when Teijinconex® is used with Teijin's high tensile strength para-aramid fibers. Teijin also develops Teijinconex®neo, a dyeable meta-aramid fiber with high heat-resistance. Teijin's meta-aramid fibers have made significant contributions to the advancement of protective apparel over the decades in North America, Europe and Japan.


Cordura® Advanced Fabrics by INVISTA

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Cordura®  is a collection of synthetic fibre-based fabric technologies. Cordura® fabrics are available in a wide range of constructions, weights and aesthetics, including versions designed specifically for tear resistance and colour retention designed specifically for military use. Cordura® is twice more durable than traditional nylon and three times more durable than polyester.