Anti-riot set GU 8010

Item code: GU 8010

The protective anti-riot set GU 8010 is designed for members of protective and riot units.

This suit provides high protection against injuries caused by cold weapons, i.e. obtuse objects, thrown stones and other fragments as well as attacks from close range.

The design of this anti-riot complet allows free movement of all joints and other moving parts of the body. Its own design allows the user to put the set on and off easy without any help. The fastening and fixing system of the plastic components and protectors to prevent spontaneous or forcible  unfastening.

The functional reliability of the impact protection kits is in the temperature range -25°C to +50°C.



  • According to ČSN 395360-  Test of resistance againts the impact of stabbing weapons
  • The whole set - TON I.
  • Knee and shin protector / pad - TON II.

The torso protector can also be manufactured in ballistic resistance class IIIA according to the American standard STD NIJ 0101.04


The set contains

  • Body protection - front and back part with the protection of sides
  • Arms, elbow and forearm protectors
  • Waist belt with protection of rump and thighs
  • Jockstrap
  • Leg protectors with knee, shin, instep and ankle protection

Optional: transport bag




Product request

Test of resistance to the effects of stabbing weapons CSN 395360:2000:

  • TON I
  • TON II

Ballistic protection according to NIJ STD 0101.04:

    - level of customers choice

  • None
  • Level IIIA

Individual parts:

Weight: ~5 kg (11,02) lbs (for size L)

Colour of material:


  • 100% polyester

  • 100% NOMEX


  • L

  • XL

  • XXL

Class Subclass Bullet resistance Weight [g] Minimum Required Bullet Velocity [m/s]
I 1 .22 LR LRN 2,6 329
2 380 ACP FMJ RN 6,2 322
IIA 1 9 mm FMJ* 8,0 341
2 40 S & W FMJ 11,7 322
II 1 9 mm FMJ RN 8,0 367
2 357 Mag JSP 10,2 436
IIIA 1 9 mm FMJ RN 8,2 436
2 44 Mag SJHP 15,6 436
III 1 7.62 mm NATO FMJ 9,6 847
IV 1 30 kalibr M2 AP 10,8 878

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Anti-riot set GU 8010

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